At the beginning of each week, Marocopedia offers you authentic stories. To do so, we rely on the support of national and international institutions but also on commercial brands to support the production of audiovisual content and develop the brand awareness of MOROCCO on the digital front.

We chose to avoid direct ads, too intrusive. And because we believe that every brand likes to value itself in a thoughtful and transparent way, we offer a new experience with our expertise in storytelling: brand content.

Transparency and respect for our audience are our top priority. To this end, when a brand supports our story, we post it in a very obvious way. You will see, two elements on our site:

For brands that support our editorial series through sponsorship, we provide an “In partnership with …” attribution that is displayed in the video content and also in its skin.

For brands that support our stories through the integration of their products, we credit the end of the video and the corresponding descriptive copy on our site.

Marocopedia also produces “branded content” on behalf of advertisers, up to international standards and on the basis of our image bank. And thanks to a dedicated team, we accompany the advertiser to transmit his message and to squeeze his prestige. As for example “A brief history of Morocco”.

We are convinced that Marocopedia is the ideal media for communicating with a national and international target, which is really interested in Morocco and its universal values. A target in search of new, immortal and uninterrupted stories. And if you have suggestions to further improve our experience, send us a message at [email protected] .