Leila Abouzeid
Leila Abouzeid
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Leila Abouzeid , born in 1950, is one of the icons of Moroccan literature . In fact, she is the first female Moroccan author whose works are translated to English . Abouzeid obtained her BA in English studies from Mohammed the 5th University in Rabat and afterwards she moved to the United states of America to pursue her studies in the University of Texas, Austin. After she finished her education, Abouzeid worked as a translator , writer and most notably as a Radio journalist on the National Radio Channel, where she broadcasted her programs in the Arabic language rather than the English, in an attempt to repeal what’s called « Cultural Appropriation ».\r
Abouzeid‘s works overwhelmed various fields especially those dealing with contexts of identity, Islam,gender and post-colonial Morocco.
She is the author of two memoirs, a collection of short stories, and the critically acclaimed novel \"The Year of the Elephant\" besides the semi-autobiographical novel \"The Last Chapter\" .
Publications ( Translated from Arabic to English):\r
Year of the Elephant 1990\r
Return to Childhood 1999\r
the Last Chapter 2003\r
The Director and Other Stories from Morocco 2006

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