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Name: L’ Association Marocaine Culturelle et Artistique « AMCA »
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Phone: 0625328969

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Moroccan Cultural and Artistic Association is a nonprofit organisation, independent of any political or religious orientation, founded in 2013. This association aims to support and encourage cultural and artistic practices at the local, national, and international levels. It also seeks to contribute to the enrichment and preservation of national cultural heritage, the creation of a multiple and diverse cultural and artistic environment, and the promotion of the participation of citizens in this field, through cultural exchanges and partnerships with actors at both the national and international levels.\r

The Moroccan Cultural and Artistic Association carries several diverse activities to achieve those objectives. It convenes lectures, seminars, and cultural initiatives; it initiates workshops and training courses to develop creativity in citizen participants; it invites artists from Morocco and from abroad to display their art in exhibitions, either inside Morocco or abroad. One of its most notable activities was launching a cultural magazine for mythical arts and artists involved in that field.

Amongst the most important initiatives undertaken by the Moroccan Cultural and Artistic Association is creating the Legendary Arts Award, honouring Moroccan and foreigner artists operating in the field of fairy and mythical arts.

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