Palais des Institutions Italiennes
Palais des Institutions Italiennes
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This palace was built fine 19c early by sultan Moulay Hafid. Its architecture, with its andalusian-style patio Moorish style, is very refined. When the political tensions were with their roof, Germany starting to inland claim in 1905 in a context of division of Morocco between the colonial powers, Moulay Hafid had to leave the free field in France and Spain. It agreed to sign the act of Protectorate in Paris only if its palace were completed. The building was acquired by the Italians in 1926 and it is during this time that the palace Moulay Hafid became the palace of the Italian institutions. Renovated in 2006, it allows you to accommodate many events such as Salon International du Livre de Tanger, or Tanjazz.

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