Jamal Nouman
Jamal Nouman
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Jamal Nouman, a Moroccan musician and actor from Larache, comes from a family where the heritage of Arabo-Andalusian music and culture is very present.\r
Worn by his mother's singing which occurs in many festivals and meetings, Jamal Nouman himself is very interested in singing and playing guitar. He studied at the conservatory of music in his hometown, then his passion for the theater led him to the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Rabat. He then began training sessions in choral singing and Arabic-Andalusian music, then created \"Miditeraneo\", a trio that explores Chaabi music (of Maghreb origin) with the techniques of classical music.\r
Part of the work of Jamal Nouman is primarily devoted to the collection of traditional songs, which he revisits according to his own sensitivity and which he uses to ensure the transmission of messages of love and freedom. The brilliance and finesse of his voice enrich his music with intense emotion. The themes that he addresses in his songs rub shoulders with the universe of poetry, which restores the words to their full meaning. Jamal also works extensively on composing music for plays.\r
In addition to his love to music, Jamal has a filmographic repertoire in which he records an interesting number of short films. In 2012, Nouman participated in the series Bnat Lalla Mnan directed by Yassine Fennane.

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