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Safi is renowned for its refined cuisine. In fact, this coastal city is the guardian of an extremely delicate cuisine that is known for its diverse dishes: Orange salad with black olives and argan oil, fish coated with almond paste, fish with caramelized tomatoes, corn couscous with fish, njimates pasta with chicken and saffron etc. This cuisine uses local products such as capers and truffles.\r
Safiote cuisine is also renowned for its delicate pastries: Massabbane (almond cakes), meringues with walnuts, Kaak (bracelet-shaped biscuits), baqla etc.\r
Baqla, whose name is reminiscent of baklava, is a cousin of the latter. Baqla is prepared with fresh and fried pastilla pastry and a filling of fried and crushed almondes.

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