Ouled Ben Zmirou
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Name: Mohammed Mennis
Personne Référence: Président Association Safimemoire
Phone: +212674407270

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The Ouled Ben Zmirou (Sons of Ben Zmirou) -or The Seven Gentlemen, as they're known as in Safi (Asfi in Amazigh and Arabic)- were seven brothers of Portuguese descent who came from Spain in the 15th century escaping the Inquisition and settled down in Safi, mixing with native Moroccans without any kind of problems throughout the ages. Their headquarters, now a sanctuary, are well known by Jews, especially by Israeli Jews who come to visit to get in touch with their origins, as well as to pay tribute and respect to important rabbinical figures, whose 27 memorial niches are placed in the sanctuary.
Located by the Atlantic Ocean, Safi was under the rule of the Portuguese Empire (15th and 16th century) and passed to the hands of the Almohads and to the dynasties to come.

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