Dar Batha

Dar Batha

Dar Batha
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This Hispano-Moorish palace dating from the end of the XIXth century houses some admirable collections of traditional art from Fez. Sculpted wood, wrought iron, sculpted plaster or decorative materials that are in fact works of art in their own right. Embroidery, carpets, jewellery and coins compete with one another to attract the visitor's attention.\r

But the museum's centrepiece is to be found in the pottery room. The most beautiful of all Moroccan ceramic objects were made by Fez craftsmen. Specialists in this technique since the Xth century, they invented the famous \"fez blue\" obtained by the use of cobalt. On a background of white enamel or highlighted in colour, the stylised floral motifs interweave in a manner that is as sophisticated as it is harmonius.\r
Not to be missed: the astrolabes. These astronomical instruments created and prefected by learned Arabs, with all the mystery of a talisman and all the beauty of a jewel.\r

Dar Batha Museum\r
Place du Batha Fez\r
Tel. (212 55) 63 41 16

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