Said Aajaj
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Said Aajaj is an educator in a grade school room. conceived in 1957, he is a painter since his adolescence without development in the field of painting. He spends significant time in the production of the tables which delineates various notable structures of the zone of Boulmane which survived has their vanishing elegance has the painter Aajaj who takes as a beginning stage old photos gotten by the old one living range. Among its tables: The Kasbah of the tribe Has el Haj, the kasbah of the tribe Ait Ahmad and L machines woven artwork which has was inherent 1929 or a few ladies have demand their recognitions close to the French powers. The painter tries to reproduce the parts of an existence basic that completed the tenants of a few territories like TAFERDOUST, SKOURA, LMERSS, each of the one clarifying the day by day exercises and specificities which describes the range of Boulmane.

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