Samy Elmaghribi
Samy Elmaghribi
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Samy El Maghribi, whose real name is Solomon Amzallag, was born in Safi in 1922, but his family settled in Rabat starting from 1926. Samy started being attracted to music since his youngest age. At the age of 7, he plays truant for the first time and joins a group of musicians in the Jewish quarter of Rabat.\r
He starts earning Andalusian music and playing the Oud (a sort of lute) by himself. He joins later the Conservatory of Casablanca and the circles of the most reputed masters of Andalusian music. At age of 20, he decided to devote himself and his life to singing and music.\r

Samy El Maghribi had a great influence of the music of the whole of North Africa. Up till today, many of his songs are still sung by many artists :

Ay loukane kanou 'andi lmlayen (If I was a millionaire!)
'Amri ma nenshak ya mama (I'll never forget you, Mother!)
Kaftanek mahloul ya lalla (Your Kaftan is open, my darling)
Khayef la chmicha techrek 'alina (I am afraid the sun rises and people wake up and see us together)
Khallini ma'ak khallini (Let me be by your side)

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