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Chaoui The word means \"Sheep Breeders' or pastors, he served first at designer Berber tribes who led an exclusively pastoral life and followed the Arab customs. Thereafter, it becomes a véritabl ethnic name.\r
According to Leo the African, this area was known as the Tamesna, it was occupied by a large Berber tribe: Berghouata. We still find today in the memory of the Tamesna Mzabe tribe.\r
After the death of Idris II to IX th century, Berghouata go independent and achieved a high degree of prosperity.\r
In the XI th century Almoravide invaded Chaouia; following the defeat of Berghouata, the tribes of Banu Hilal and Banu came Salaym ?? s move into the area between the eleventh and twelfth centuries and mingled with the local Berber tribes involving the Arabisation of his last.\r
At the XII th century, the sultans Mérinides eventually dispersed and gave Tamesna to the Zenata tribe, their supporters.\r
From the sixteenth century, historians are beginning to use the term \"Chaouia\" to designate the population of this region.\r
In 1790, the Chaouia revolted against Sultan Moulay Yazid and ended in 1792 by submitting to the Sultan Moulay Slimane who made an expedition (Harka) against them and that sets a governor Cherifian Dar El-Beida (Casablanca).\r
In XIX century the Chaouia tribes in their current territory.\r
Chaouia tribe is divided into 14 tribes:\r
Ouled Hariz\r
Ould Bouziri\r
Sidi Daoud Ouled Ben\r
Ouled Ali\r
Ouled Zyane\r
Ouled Said

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