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The Mellah is a Moroccan term for neighborhoods or réunait Moroccan Jewish population, the Mellah of Fez was built in the 13th century and became the first Jewish quarter in Morocco in the 14th century, exactly in 1438. This is the large area of ​​Fes Jdid.\r

The origin of the word comes mellah an activity reserved for certain Moroccans Jews, by which they put the severed heads in salt in order to keep as long as possible and expose to the public, it was mainly the heads of rebels who revolted against the central government. This activity saw its heyday at the time Moulay Ismail.\r

Towering walls surround the Mellah in order to separate the Muslim homes, but that does not empéchais to share their lives with Muslims, on the contrary, many Jews have created their shops, workshops and many others on various neighborhood fes.\r

You can discover this area several monuments preserving historic buildings Mellah, such as Aben Danan Synagogue, the Jewish cemetery and the house of the Chief Rabbi.\r

Currently it is mainly occupied by Muslims living in peace aves few Jewish families still live there.

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