Nabyla Maan
Nabyla Maan
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Born in Fez to a family of music lovers, Nabyla Maan was interested in Moroccan traditional music from an early age. Her passion for Arab-Andalusian music took her to seek the knowledge of this art with its greatest masters.\r

As a contemporary artist, Nabyla proposes a modernist approach to ancient Moroccan music. Being conscious of the universal nature of this art, she adopts an approach that frames it in projects in which Malhoune, Ala Andalusia, Tarab Gharnati, Jazz and world musics mingle to create an international dimension.\r

Nabyla has issued three albums thus far. Late 2014, she signed a recovery of \"Fatma, a Malhoune Qsida along the shades of famous Jazz. It was a true success.\r

Nabyla Maan is currently fine-tuning her fourth album, for which she has brought together an eclectic team of talented musicians and arrangers. The album promises to be a true voyage in Moroccan and Arab-Andalusian music, revisited under the wings of Jazz.

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