Tagadirt Mellah
Tagadirt Mellah
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  • Mohammad Al-Amine ELMIR
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(...) Centuries ago, the political establishment in the village of Tagadirt needed to expand its political power and strengthen its economic resources vis-à-vis other regional powers such as Tamanart, Tarudant, and Iligh, They invlted the Jews of neighbouring Errahala to resettle in their village by providing land and allowing the Jews to transfer property in the neighbourhood to their future children. In a few years, the mellah of Tagadirt became the center of Jewish life throughout Akka; Jewish families moved there and to other areas in southern Morocco, especially after they were allowed 10 build houses of worship and expand them if they needed to.\r
(...) The synagogue was once the center of Jewish life in Akka. In the late nine-teenth century, there were three Jewish houses of worship: two in Tagadirt and one in neighboring Taourirt.
(...) The biggest synagogue in Tagadirt survived rain and time, although its ceiling fell in the mid-1990s, leaving two standing pillars still intact. The scale of this place of worship is a testimony to the size of the community compared to that of other satellite Jewish settlements in the region.

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