Dayet Erroumi
Dayet Erroumi
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Dayet Erroumi is located in the central plateau near khmisset, this lake occupies an area of over than 90 ha, with a depth of 14m. The platform of dayet Erroumi is regularly flooded in winter, surrounded by a vegetation of mastic and thuja. The hydrophytic vegetation comprises of the bulrush and the yellow fleabane. The surroundings of the lake have been partially landscaped: camping, and docks designed for small boats, all testifying for the eco-touristic role this lake plays.\r
The lake’s fauna is rich of invertebrates that include crustaceans, heteroptera, amphibians and reptiles. The avifauna is relatively poor. On the one hand, there are some nesting species with effective fibs (clover, water hen, coot, ...) and in winter, there are 25 wintering species, the total number of which does not exceed 300 birds including ducks , teal and pintails.

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