Bou Areg Lagoon
Bou Areg Lagoon
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Bou Areg or the “lagoon of Nador” is a vast Mediterranean wetland, classified as a Ramsar site since 2005, and with its 14,000 ha, it is the largest lagoon in Morocco. Bou Areg is located between the cape of “trois fourches” and the cape of the water. It is separated from the sea by a dune cord interrupted by a marine opening. The lagoon peculiarities reside in its double supply of fresh water and salt water, its specific geomorphology, as well as its landscape diversity with an anchored plain behind the Gourougou and Beni Bou Ifrour mountains and the kebdana. The lagoon’s flora is manifested by the estuarine and aquatic vegetation, based on dwarf zoster, a dense algal carpet and a halpphile prairie with rush. The fauna is diversified, with stands of marine invertebrates including the great mother-of-pearl, a very rare shell in the Mediterranean. The ichthyological richness in the other hand is remarkable with more than 60 species of fish. The reptiles are distinguished by the presence of 2 rare lizards of the family of the scinids and of the lataste. In addition to more than 120 species of birds are recorded, that make one third of the regular avifauna of Morocco.

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