Aguelmam Wiwane
Aguelmam Wiwane
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Aguelmam Wiwane is a lake located within the national park of kenifra. The lake is a semi-artificial wetland occupying an area of 40 ha, and a depth of 12 meters. Aguelmam Wiwane is shallow and relatively silted; however, its water level is enhanced by a dyke. The lake’s aquatic vegetation is diverse and rich, for instance: Potamogeton pectinatus, Myriophyllum spicatum Ranunculus aquatilis and Chara sp. The plank tonic and benthic fauna are abundant, while the pisciola fauna has been enriched by pike, carp, black-bass, perch and roach. During the winter, this site hosts a dozen species of water birds such as: the mallard, the cascara, the coot, the hen of water and the greybeard. In addition to this, the slopes of the lake are wooded and covered with green oak.

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