Mahmoud Guinea
Mahmoud Guinea
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Born in 1951 in Essaouira, Mahmoud Guinea commonly called El Maâllem Mahmoud Guinea is one of the iconic figures of Gnawa music. His history is intimately tied to that of slaves as his paternal grandfather from Mali was sold in the Sahara. His father, the great maalem Boubker Guinea, handed down his heritage to Mahmoud Guinea who began playing the guembri at the age of 12 and performing in lilas at the age of 20.\r
Beyond his mastery of the purest tagnaouite, Mahmoud Guinea also established himself as a master of musical fusion with legendary musicians like Carlos Santana, Adam Rudolph, Will Calhoun, Issaka Sow, and Aly Keita, among many others. He has also participated in several festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Austria, Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands. He also performed a fusion with Mauritanian singer Daby Touré in the Gnawa and World Music Festival of the year 2010. Mahmoud Guinea died at the age of 64 in 2 August 2015.

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