Mohamed Fouiteh
Mohamed Fouiteh
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Born in 1928 in Fez, Mohamed Fouiteh is a Moroccan singer, composer and oud player. He is considered one of the early singers of the Moroccan modern song who profusely contributed to its flourishment. Fouiteh recorded a number of memorable hits and composed for other singers of the era during 50’s and 60’s or what became known as the era of the chanson moderne de Maroc. This innovation of the Moroccan modern song came as a response and criticism of the earlier works often featured Middle Eastern rhythms and dialects in order to fit in with the mainstream of Arabic music coming out of Egypt and Lebanon. In the 50s and especially the 60s, Moroccan rhythms and poetic structures were used more often, blending in interesting ways with the orchestral style coming from the East. In 1951, Mohammed Fouiteh travelled to France to work as an Oud player and while he was there he encountered with Moroccan and Arab artists such as Youssef Wahba and the Egyptian artist Mohammed Abd el Ouahab who collaborated with him in few singles. In 1953, Fouiteh met a great success with the song “Aw Maloulou” which was of his own lyrics and composition. In 1955, he wrote the song “Melli bkit ana” which was a kind of tribute to the King Mohamed 5th , after the return of the latter from exile. In 1960, he returned to Morocco where he collaborated with most artists of that era. In fact, he became one of the most prominent figures of the Music scene. He composed songs for artists like Maati Benkacem, Bahija Elidrissi and Abdou Cherif.\r
Mohamed Fouiteh died on September 18th, 1996 leaving behind a legacy of modern songs. Among his singles we hold as examples: “Meli Mchity”, “Al Hbib”, “El Bergui”, “Lachgar”, and “Hani hany”.

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