Mohammed Aziz el Hababi
Mohammed Aziz el Hababi
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Mohammed Aziz el Hababi was born in 1922 in Fez. He did most of his schooling in France where he received a Ph. D. in literature. He was then appointed dean of the University of Rabat. He also Taught at the University of Algiers. El-Hababi was one of the founding members of the Moroccan Writers Union and became its first president in 1961. He held the position of the editor in chief of two publications: Takamul Al-Maa'rifa and Dirasat Falasfya wa 'adabiyah. In Morocco El-Hababi is best known as leading figure in philosophy and literary theory. His main areas of investigation were Islamic philosophy and the contemporary trends in Western thought, especially 'personalism' on which he wrote his Ph. D. thesis as well published many articles and books. Among his published works there are two novels: Jil Aththama' (The Generation of Thirst ) (1967) and 'iksir Al-H'ayat(The Elixir of Life ) (1974). He published two collections of poems: Bu's wa Diyaa' (Misery and Light) (1962) and Yatim Tah'ta Assifr (Sub-Zero Orphan ) (1988). El-Hababi's most extensively published in French. The following are some of the most important titles he produced: De l'être à la personne: essai d'un personnalisme réaliste (1954), and Le Monde de demain: Le Tiers monde accuse (1980). He passed away in 1993.

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