Lake iffer
Lake iffer
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Dayet Iffer is practically the smallest natural lake in the Middle Atlas (5-7ha) it is relatively deep, circular in shape, with sloping edges and it’s located inside the national park of Ifrane. Its level varies according to the seasons and the annual rainfall. The lake is originated from karstic origin, with the stagnant eutrophic waters, this lake occupies a deep sinkhole and is therefore sheltered from the winds and quite shaded during a good part of the day. As for its aquatic flora, Iffer is composed of Typha latifolia, Nymphea alba, Potamogeton pectinatus and Myriophyllum spicatum, very dense near the edges, with a forest of Oak green that surrounds the edges of the lake. As for its fauna, the lake contains a wide variety of the zooplanktons, in addition to three main fishes that inhabits the lake: the Tench, the common carp and the pike.\r
Etymology: Dayet Iffer signifies the “ Hidden lake” in Tamazight.

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