Ameln Valley
Ameln Valley
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The Ameln Valley is located north of Tafraoute in the Tiznit Province of the Souss-Massa-Drâa region, the Ameln Valley has the Jebel el Kest (2359m)as a backdrop, with gold and copper colored terrain punctuated with patches of green cultivated land watered by springs and irrigation canals. The valley has twenty-six villages hugging the lower slopes of Jebel el Kest, each with their unique characteristics. The Ameln villages are built on the lower slopes of the Jebel el Kest, between the “spring line” and the valley floor, allowing gravity to take the water through the village and on to the arable land below.The locals of these villages have basic shops where they display traditional clothing and jewellery for tourists. One of the well known settlements in the region is Oumesnat hat is distinguished by the architecture of its houses. On one hand, they’re perched on the rocks, seem to have a solidity to them – sensible blocks of stone, often three storeys high, with parallel sets of windows. On the other hand if one does a close up, the houses will reveal themselves as bizarre constructions, often built on top of older houses deserted when they had become too small or decrepit; a few of them, with rooms jutting out over the cliffs, are held up by enormous stilts and have raised doorways entered by short (and retractable) ladders. One of Oumesnat’s houses, known as La Maison Traditionelle, is owned by a blind Berber and his family, who show visitors round. They give an interesting tour, explaining the domestic equipment – grindstones, water-holders, cooking equipment – and the layout of the house with its guest room with separate entrance, animals’ quarters, and summer terrace for sleeping out. Beside the Oumesnat and La maison Traditionelle, the region of Tafraouate offers another natural scenery displayed in the springwater pool of Anameur. Not to mention the Taghoudiche village that’s considered as the highest village of Ameln and that consists of a climbing site.

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