Merdja Zerga
Merdja Zerga
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The Merja Zarga is located 120 km north of Rabat on Moulay Busselham Beach on the Atlantic coast, the Marja Zarqa ocupies an area of 11420 hectares, of which 7300 hectares are biologically protected and 6,800 hectares are arable land. The lake has been a biosphere reserve since 1978, but the Ramsar Convention, which Morocco joined in 1980, has made it a global preserve.
It is a major stopover for countless migrating birds from Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to Africa: the birds fly south at the end of summer and stop at Merdja Zerga in September, October, and November before continuing on to West Africa and even as far as South Africa. They stop off again on their way back to Europe in spring, so spring and fall are the times for bird-watching. However, The most famous bird in the reserve is the Curlew birds which is 40-cm-long, adorned with chest and sides with circular spots that distinguish it from other karawan birds, a species on the verge of extinction, which has been observed in recent years in the \"blue marja\". The Blue Marja Nature Reserve is also a breeding ground for fish, especially the molluscs, which are of 173 species. They also have species of important and rare plants such as those used by residents of neighboring areas in the manufacture of mats. The population of the Blue Marja is 20,000 people spread over 16 towns and depend on the exploitation of natural resources through fishing, agriculture, tourism and livestock to make their living.

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