Tazekka National Park
Tazekka National Park
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Tazekka National Park is located in the northern part of the Middle Atlas, near the town of Taza, which is is located in the north-east of the park at a distance of approximately 21 km. The park occupies a total length of 76 km (secondary road no. 311), and it starts from the town of Taza, passing close to a series of natural sceneries (Waterfalls, caves, large forested areas, etc.). In addition, it allows crossing particularly picturesque areas such as : Douar of Sidi Majbeur in particular, to rejoin again the main road n ° 1 in Sidi Abdellah, near the locality Oued Amlil.\r
The origin of the Tazekka park is dated to 11 July 1950 when it was created by a vizier decree on an initial area of 680 hectares, corresponding to the Atlas cedar forest (Cedrus Atlantica) which covers the top of the Tazzeka massif of 1980 meters of altitude. It testifies to the old extension of the Moroccan cedar houses, those of the Middle Atlas or those of the Rif. The dynamics endogenous to the forest ecosystem generally require areas of the order of a thousand hectares to express themselves correctly, the functional ecological unit being established from the limits of these.\r
In the case of the Tazekka National Park, the illustration of this principle appears very clearly with the extension of the natural cedar on the northern slopes and is of the massif, the young cedars being outside the limits of the Park.

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