Tadorne casarca
Tadorne casarca
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The Tadorne casarca is a large duck that carries a plumage entirely fawn orange with the exception of the head which is much clearer. The head-body transition is made by a small black collar that’s present in the male but absent in the female. It is typically found on lagoons of brackish water, on the dirty lakes also on lakes and fresh water indiscriminately in plain or in mountain.
As for its diet, the tadorne casarca is mostly vegetarian; it can nevertheless be classified in omnivores . Indeed, although its menu consists mostly of green plants, herbaceous plants and seeds, it nevertheless completes its diet by consuming small molluscs , crustaceans , worms and aquaticinsects . Which is a fairly common practice in ducks.\r
As for spawning which starts from February and lasts til May, the female deposits 8 to 10 eggs that are incubated for a period ranging from 28 to 29 days, depending on the region.

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