Aguelmame Abekhane
Aguelmame Abekhane
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Aguelmame Abekhane or the lake of Abekhane is situated 38 km from the town of Khénifra, on Provincial Highway No. 503, located at 1671 m altitude, 6 ha surface, with a depth of about 2 m and a capacity Of 120,000 m3. The lake is characterized as being a mountain lake of karstic origin.
The west side of the lake is covered with Oak trees and as for the aquatic vegetation; the lake of Abekhane consists primarily of Myriophyllum spicatum, Ranunculus aquatilis and Polygonum amphibium. The lake is not very accessible to visitors and therefore suffers little impact, compared to other lakes. However, his avifauna (the birds that takes the lake as a habitat) is not immune to the hunters who take advantage of its remoteness of the ranger station to wreak havoc in the aquatic game.\r
Etymology: The name of the Lake “ Aguelmame Abekhane” belongs to the Tamazight language which would be translated as “ The Black Lake”.

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