The Wax Lantern Festival
The Wax Lantern Festival
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The Wax Lantern festival is a festival that is held annually in Salé to celebrate local traditions, customs and arts. In April each year the town of Salé celebrates theWax Lantern Procession to honor the 16th century holy man Sidi Abdallah Ben Hassoun, the patron saint of travelers and the patron of the town. This procession is said to date back to the Barbary period when pirates would parade through the town of Salé carrying wax lanterns to implore the patron saint of travelers to protect them on their voyage. Each year the shrine of Sidi Abdallah Ben Hassoun is visited by sailors dressed up as pirates who re-enact the Wax Lantern Procession by holding the lanterns high up on poles. As a Muslim holy place, the interior of the shrine (Zaouia) where the procession ends is forbidden to non-Muslims. Nevertheless the procession, which takes place in the evening, is a fascinating sight that can be viewed from numerous vantage points around the town of Salé.

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