The Little Grebe
The Little Grebe
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The Little Grebe It is the smallest and chunkiest of grebes. It is immediately recognizable by its small round head, its small slender beak with pale corners often visible and its inimitable way to float like a cork. The Little Grebe lives in small ponds and flooded ditches. Its diet is much less piscivorous than that of other grebes, and it can find sufficient larvae of insects and aquatic invertebrates, even in small bodies of water, to supply the needs of its nest. Plunging incessantly into its aquatic prey, it is rather difficult to observe because there is little time on the surface when it is fishing activity to catch shellfish that constitute the main part of its diet. In the time of spawning, which typically starts from April and lasts til July, the female lays 5 to 6 whitish-colored eggs, incubated by both parents for a period of 20 to 27 days. In good conditions, the Grebe babies lives to be thirteen years.

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