Mohammed Tabal
Mohammed Tabal
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Mohammed Tabal , born in 1959 in Essaouira, is a Moroccan painter ,artist andd itinerant musician. He is probably the best known of the Swiri artists, Tabal was raised in the gnaoua traditions of West Africans who were originally brought to Morocco as slaves with the camel trains. His artistic career was launched when he was discovered by Damgaard, at that time Tabal was an itinerant musician ( a drummer hence the name Tabbal) wandering the countryside of Essaouira to earn his living.
He is a self-taught artist that didn’t go to an art school but who naturally learnt to translate his dreams and aspirations into large and colorful canvases. Tabal’s work is mainly inspired by his upbringing in a gnawi entourage plus the sub-Saharan heritage that left its print in the soul of Tabal.

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