Dayet Aoua
Dayet Aoua
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Dayet Aoua is one of the most famous lakes of Morocco, it’s situated 15 kilometers north of Ifrane. The lake occupies an estimated area of 140 ha and a low depth of four to five Kilometres. The lake is surrounded by a damp low prairie and a forest which contains oak and cedar tree. The diversity of the lake’s flora is presented by the diffrent type of herbes and plants that grow on its edge such as massette, reed, and bulrush. As for the diversity of its Fauna , the lake is considered to be the habitat of 35 diffrent bird species such as coot,mallard, gill, teal, milouin , in addition to diffrent fish species that lodge the laggon such as black- mass, tench, common carp and mosquitofish. Moreover, The lake comprises more than 20 species of planktonic crustaceans.

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