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Haoussa is a musical group formed in 2002 and then restored in 2007. They represent a new wave of Moroccan music blending a combination of genres, from punk and rock to Issawi Gnawa.

The band consists of Khalid Moukdar (lead vocals), Mohamed Ali Aït Tahiri (bass guitar, vocals), Azeddine Rifaa (drums), Amine (guitar), Reda (guitar), and Zakaria Rafi (Groovebox, keyboards, vocals).\r

The themes present in their songs tackle a range of social and political issues. Employing an audacious and uncompromising language and a distinct musical composition, they manifest their ingenuity and manage to explore new territories. That also demonstrates their willingness and engagement towards change and shows that their music can have a lasting impact on listeners.

Discography: Al Wada3, L'Ftikhabat, Feel The Noise, L'Hal L'Casaoui, Rez de Chaussée..

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