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Personne Référence: Bureau 801, Technopark Rabat, Rue Ghandi, Hassan Rabat
Phone: +212 537 704 013
Email: communication.dabateatr@gmail.com
Website: http://www.dabateatr.com/

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Description Scientifique
DABATEATR is a multidisciplinary art campaign created in 2004 by Jaouad Essounani. It was initiated by a group of artists coming from different artistic disciplines and horizons, and was, later on, founded by an assembly of people passionate about art and knowledge. The chief objective of the association is the promotion of a civil, cultural, artistic, and free action among citizens.

Envisaging to build bridges between people, as well as between the multitude of disciplines and cultures, the family of DABATEATR, in spite of limited resources, continues to grow and commits, unwaveringly, to its core values and principles of bringing art to citizens of all ages and classes.\r

Since its inception, DABATEATR collaborated with numerous artists, directors, actors, playwrights, choreographers, videographers, musicians, circus artists. In 2016, the association joined the Technopark community, starting on a new track towards propagating its work to a larger audience.

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