Rabat Salé Mémoire
Rabat Salé Mémoire
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Name: Rabat Salé Mémoire
Personne Référence: 2 rue Zahla, 10000 Rabat, appart. n°17, 2éme étage.
Phone: +212530303030
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RabatSaleMemoire/

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Rabat Salé Mémoire is a nonprofit organisation founded by a cohort of architects in 2014. It envisages the promotion and protection of the cultural and historical heritage of the two cities overlooking the valley of Bouregrag.

The principal objective of the association is to preserve and uphold the spirit of the patrimony of the two provinces and raise awareness, especially among the younger generations, of the importance of the material and immaterial heritage of the past.\r

The organisation seeks to accomplish those ends through a variety of activities. Be it presentations, conferences, panels, or expositions Rabat Salé Mémoire tries to tackle diverse topics, all linked to cultural heritage. It initiates and encourages the conservation and rehabilitation of historical sites; it adopts a research-and-analysis approach concerning the different aspects of the patrimony, and it renders the information accessible to the general public.

One of its notable activities is Journées Du Patrimoine (Patrimony Days), an event that takes place in the middle of April. In those patrimony days, the association organises a series of activities: tour guides, conferences, panels, and expositions; all for the benefit of the general public.

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