Ahmed Yacoubi
Ahmed Yacoubi
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Ahmed Yacoubi was born in 1928 in Fes. He is a painter; a storyteller that was considered to be the best cultural ambassador Morocco ever had. Yacoubi's career was launched in 1947 when he encountred Paul Bowles one of the founder of the Beat generation. He is usually associated with the city of Tangier where he lived his last year\r
Yacobi's and Bowles friendship enabled the former to travel the world as Bowles' assistant and translator and it was finally in Tangier where the Bowles organised Yacoubi's first exhibition of drawings.
He later exhibited in Madrid and New York, reaching an ever wider audience for his naive and uninhibited works. Yacoubi was also a chef, preparing meals for Peggy Guggenheim at the Bowles' home - she later became a buyer of his drawings. After a lifetime of international travel and exhibitions, including much time spent in the US, Yacoubi died in the US 1985 at the age of 57.

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