Fatna Kabouri
Fatna Kabouri
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Fatna Kabouri, born in 1924 in ASAFi, is a Moroccan artist who was famous by her simple yet marvelous canvas. Eventhough, Kabouri never went to school, she grew up in the country side of Asafi where she was deeply moved and influenced by the landscape and the beauty of nature. Thus, she considered herself lucky to grow up in such an environment especially when this was translated in her drawings that granted her an international fame.\r
Kabouri's talent didn't show itself until later when she moved to Asafi and had her first child Ahmed Amejdani, one of the biggest contemporary Moroccan artists. In fact, her son's tendency to draw is what encouraged her to use his atelier to paint her first canvas. And though Kabouri thought of her new talent as an impossible adventure considering the fact that she was 64 years old at that time, Kabouri's family not only saw no wrong in it , they supported her and encouraged her to be what she is ; An artist.\r
the1986 was the beginning of Kabouri's artistic career because it was the year she opened her first gallery show in Rabat. Afterwards, she started participating on an international level : In France in 1991 , in Germany in 1994, in United Arabe Emirates in 2003.\r
Fatna Kabouri was mostly distingushed by her simple , spontaneous and honest works. The subject of her works was usually the women who live in the country side, which was a way for her to evoke her childhood memories and preserve the heritage of Asafi.

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