Aicha Ech-Channa
Aicha Ech-Channa
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Aïcha Ech-Channa was born in 1941 In Casablanca, precisely in the new medina of Casablanca. She lived her childhood in Marrakech and later in 1953 she returned to Casablanca to pursue her education in the French school of Foch and high school of Joffre.
In 1972, she animated the first television program of the Sanitary Education on television of Casablanca and made her debut at the National Union of Moroccan Women in Casablanca.In 1985 she founded the association of « Solidarité féminine » in order to help single moms to be in charge of their own lives and overcome the issues they face as single moms in a Moroccan society. Aicha Ech-chenna is mostly known for being an inspiration for associative work and giving a hand to single moms and their children, and for that reason her efforts were acknowledged in 1995, when she received the prize of the Human Rights of the French Republic in Paris. In her endeavor to document the experiences of the single moms that were part of the association, Ech-Channa wrote a book entitled « Miseria », this book tells the diffrent stories of victims that marked the Moroccan society.

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