Abdelkbir Khatibi
Abdelkbir Khatibi
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Abdelkbir Khatibi is a Moroccan novelist, sociologist and literary critic.Khatabi was born in El Jadida in 1983 and received his Phd in sociology in 1965 from the Sorbonne.\r
He worked as a professor in the university of Muhammed 5 in Rabat as well as a researcher at the Centre de recherche Scientifique in Rabat.\r
Khatibi was is well known for his masterpiece \"Amour Bilingue\" ( Love in Two Languages) that reflects his personal experience as someone who was influenced by two cultures: the Moroccan and the French. Khatibi's productions is profilic and varies from what is political to what is romantic. He is also interested in art and has written a book about Arabic calligraphy called: " L'art calligraphy Arabe\".
His most notable works:\r
La Mémoire tatouée\r
Le Livre du sang\r
Un été à Stockholm\r
He died in 2009.

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